Welcome to Art, Books, and Cakes!! This is my little blog that will be dedicated to my book reviews and creative journey.

This blog will be primarily composed of book-related content (book reviews, book tours, maybe the occasional list). I also have a section for my art tutorials, which will not be as frequent and can be viewed through my Youtube channel here. You may also see the occasional recipe, although the main posts will be about books and, occasionally, art.

To view my posts, click on the menu button on the top of the page and select the type of post you would like to view (art tutorials, book, or cooking), or click on one of the categories on the bottom of the page.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional artist. It’s just a hobby, but I love to share! It’s not necessary to have formal training to be creative, but it does take lots of work and patience to discover your skills and style. I hope this blog will help you in this discovery for your art.

Thanks for coming!! I hope you will enjoy your visit 🙂

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